Post menopausal women in Britain are less likely to access treatment for a very common condition affecting them, vaginal atrophy, and as a consequence they are experiencing less sex and less satisfying sex than their European counterparts.

Vaginal atrophy is very common in post menopausal women. Due to less oestrogen being produced, their is thinning of the tissues around the vagina and a reduction in the glands that make mucus. This leads to vaginal dryness, which can lead to painful intercourse, the prospect of which puts many post menopausal women off sex. A recent study shows they around 63% of women avoid sex due to fear of it being painful.

The good news is that there are treatments for the condition. Local oestrogen is the preferred treatment and is applied directly to the vagina. This treatment is much more effective than just lubricants and as it is applied locally there are no serious side effects

British women who tried the treatment reported less painful sex (58%), more satisfying sex for their partner (42%) and for themselves (40%), feeling closer and less isolated from their partner ( 33%), having sex more often (27%) and that they now look forward to sex (26%)

It’s time to restart your sex life ladies! Speak to your GP about the treatment options available.