HPV( Human Papilloma Virus) is a major health concern, being implicated in a range of cancers such as cervical , anal and throat cancers. Vaccines to protect against HPV infection, have been around for some time and given to girls aged 12-13 and has a result we have seen a significant reduction in infections with HPV, in vaccinated females , which hopefully will reduce rates of cervical cancer.

Now a recent editorial published in the journal , Sexually Transmitted Infections, claims there is a strong argument for the same vaccination to be given to young gay men. The main reason being the high incidence of HPV related anal disease in gay men and data showing the cost effectiveness of vaccination of gay men under the age if 26.

Recently published data shows that Gardasil, the most commonly used vaccine, which protects against 4 common strains of HPV, is not only effective at preventing infections with HPV in gay men , but also preventing development of external warts and rates of pre cancerous anal lesions.

In addition research in the US has shown targeted vaccination in younger gay men is cost effective and the CDC now recommends universal vaccination for boys aged 11 and 12 and vaccination of gay men up to 26.

It seems like a no brainer that vaccination program’s for boys should be introduced in the UK as soon as possible