My private clinic offers STD testing at Canary Wharf. My fast, discrete service is the preferred City alternative to using an NHS Gum Clinic where you may have to wait for up to 2 weeks to get your results. As a private GP-led service are able to offer same day results for most tests in a friendly, non-judgmental environment: Straight or gay, single or married, 24 or 64, we offer the same straight-forward testing and consultations to all our clients.

Let me start by recognising everyone has sex and for the most part it’s fun and harmless. That’s just the way it should be. People get tested for a number of reasons. Sometimes because they have had an unplanned, unprotected encounter but are suffering no symptoms. Alternatively some may be experiencing general or specific symptoms. This is an important distinction to make because it’s not well-known that many STDs present with no specific systems. Here’s a run-down. STDs such as HIV, syphilis and hepatitis are often only picked up on screening. Other’s such as genital warts and herpes infect only the area where the contact occurred and obvious signs may be present.

We appreciate worry and embarrassment can mean testing is delayed. However testing will put your mind at rest. And of course, if necessary, you can get appropriate treatment promptly. Sexual health education is also part of my role: Some STDs have no current cure, but it’s possible to keep you and your partner healthy by making adjustments to your lifestyle.

I should also emphasise our private service is just that. You don’t need a referral from your GP and we won’t contact your GP without your permission. Our Canary Wharf clinic is open for STD testing Monday to Friday, with Saturday appointments available on request.

My testing and advice meets BASHH guidelines. Part of my job is to stay up to date with the latest developments in STD treatments so our service is always “state of the art”. The tests we can provide include Herpes, Aids, Hepatitis, Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. Most treatments are offered directly on site with the exception of HIV in which case we refer to specialist centres.

If you have had unprotected sex or suspect you may have picked up an STD, early testing is important. Testing reduces stress, and if needed, means you can start treatment at the earliest opportunity.