COVID passport - What you need to know.

2020 has been a year of stay-cations, albeit camping in the confines of the living room or, if you were lucky, the garden!

With all that becoming a distant memory, travel companies predict a massive increase in bookings for the first quarter of 2021. Although you may be headstrong in getting that ideal location, don’t forget your vaccinations!

Holiday vaccinations for 2021

While the holiday companies are bracing themselves for a surge in bookings, GP’s up and down the country are also expecting vast amounts of vaccinations appointments to be made, giving people that chance to get away for the first time in a long time.

It is important to remember that some vaccinations are given over a period of time, so don’t be tardy when making your booking!

Check your travel guidelines.

Back in 2019, you may not have needed a vaccination to travel to your favourite destination, but don’t be complacent. Times have changed, and you may find that either your travel company or your country of destination may now require you to be vaccinated AND supply a certificate of vaccination.

If your travel company is unsure of any new regulations, always check with your local GP.

What vaccinations are given for travelling abroad?

It all depends on the individual, and the decision to immunise is based on:

  • Destination
  • Season
  • Duration of travel
  • Immunisation status
  • Exposure to mosquitoes (camping, hiking, and other planned outdoor activities)

There are 3 types of travel vaccination requirements –

Routine vaccines – Vaccinations you should have already had either as a child or later in life depending on what year you were born, such as tetanus, diphtheria and MMR. In which case you are safe to travel to most places.

Recommended vaccines – Vaccinations that are recommended in countries with higher levels of viruses and diseases. This is based on recommendation but may be required for travel insurance.

Required vaccines – Vaccinations that are required by the state or country of which you plan to travel. This is a MUST, and you are likely to need proof for entry.

For these types of vaccinations, you will need to plan ahead of time, as they have to be administered 6 weeks before travel.

Will I need the covid vaccine before I travel?

Currently, many countries are considering making it mandatory to produce a COVID passport for entry into these countries.

For more information and an up-to-date list of travel zones that require this, please visit – Travel news.

Do children need travel vaccinations?

If you plan on travelling this year, you need to consider travel vaccinations for yourself and your loved ones, even the tiny ones. Again, each country has different rules, and they may have changed over the past few months, so make sure you check!

Will Brexit bring bad news for travellers?

Since it’s hot in the press, we wanted to cover travelling to the EU now the “deal” is done.

In short

Changes will occur to our passports, driving, EHIC cards, and pet travel.

Give yourself plenty of time before travel to start any vaccination process needed.
Doctors expect to be incredibly busy this year with the rollout of COVID vaccinations and the increased demand for travel vaccinations, so make sure you get your appointment booked in early.
If you are unsure what vaccinations you will need, check.

  • Your GP will have all your records on hand, so get your GP to check it out if in doubt.
  • Make sure you check the current regulations for the country you are visiting.
  • Brexit and COVID, rules and regs may have changed. Make sure you check any changes with your local travel company or GP.
  • Remember your certificate.
  • All required vaccines are issued with a travel certificate. Without it, you may just be put on a flight and sent straight back home.
  • Always check for any current changes that may affect your trip.
  • The CDA (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) is a handy website for travellers and sun-seekers on short term breaks. You can check this site before travelling for any outbreaks of diseases or natural disasters which may affect your trip.

Book an online video consultancy, alternatively book your vaccine appointment today.