Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection which if untreated can cause serious complications and could be fatal. The Salmonella typhi a close relation to Salmonella (which causes food poisoning) can be passed on through bacteria in the faeces of the carrier. Making it highly contagious for travellers to the developing world.

Over 20 million people each year are affected by typhoid with 200,000 related deaths worldwide each year.

The affected will suffer from high temperatures, stomach pains and irregular bowel movements. If left untreated the bacteria can get into the bloodstream, spreading around the body and causing the fever to get worse over several weeks.

New developments of Vi conjugate show encouraging results, trials of the vaccine predict a 50% reduction in those vaccinated from developing typhoid. It could also be used safely in babies, unlike the current vaccine which has not been licensed for babies under 24 months.

Could this be the start of worldwide immunogenicity for such a crippling disease?

This month, WHO (World Health Organisation) are gathering to discuss the new vaccine along with funding for poor countries.

Without the funding for endemic areas the battle will continue on and the vaccine will become unavailing.

We will have to await the decisions made.

If you are traveling to any of the areas listed below you must get vaccinated for typhoid –



Latin America

South Asia

As the disease is passed on through poor hygiene we highly recommend frequent hand washing, avoiding cold, warm  or even raw foods and seafood while visiting these areas.