Back in October we issued a warning blog of the Aussie Flu threatening to hit our shores this winter, well it has truly hit us hard and we are urging the over 65’s, expectant mothers or anyone with a weak immune system to seek the flu vaccine as soon as possible.

Deaths in Ireland

As reported the deadly H3N2 virus has already claimed 10 lives in Ireland, and over 70 people have now been hospitalised.

This strain of influenza comes in two subtypes, A type and a more aggressive B type. Last week between both types a massive 1,068 cases had been confirmed in England and Wales.

The Aussie virus has no preference either, although the vulnerable are more at risk, even the extremely fit and healthy Conor McGregor (champion boxer) was struck down by the virus over New Year.
Like McGregor, the strong and healthy should recover within 7 days, as they would with standard flu. The symptoms are very much the same with headaches, fever, muscle ache and fatigue.

Seek help if..

If your systems continue on after 7 days it is incredibly important to seek medical help as your flu could develop into something far more serious like Pneumonia.

Amid the worries of the flu jab still being in question, the concerns of the current vaccination not working on the H3N2 virus has risen in public debate.

The vaccination has not been tweaked to suit the H3N2 strain however it is our only line of defence and still remains the best solution to combat the spread of this deadly virus.

As the virus has just hit our shores and the expectation is for the problem to get worse before we see results, we highly recommend booking in for your vaccine ASAP.