Travel Vaccinations

The cold weather, and long dark days have driven us sunseekers to start booking up for our summer holidays early, but are we really ready?

In a bid to save up to 45 million pounds the NHS have recently made announcements that they will be stopping free prescriptions for travel vaccinations. Leaving some questioning ‘what next’?

Not all vaccinations in the past have been free, what you need depends on where you are travelling to.
With China being one of the most expensive for vaccination requirements and Europe being cost (vaccine) free, you must be aware of what vaccine you will need and have dealt with the issue at least 8 weeks before you leave. If you postpone an appointment or book a last minute flight, you may find you won’t be able to travel.

Many countries require proof of vaccination before you enter so don’t forget your International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis, or you could well be deported!

Other things to consider when travelling are:-

Your age and health status – Someone with a low immunity may be advised not to travel or required to have their injection earlier. In some cases where your body’s immune system is greatly affected, the injection cannot be given. This includes people suffering with HIV or AIDS, anybody recovering from a transplant or going through chemotherapy.

If you will be in contact with animals while traveling – the doctor will want to know if you are likely to come in contact with wild or domesticated animals. Vaccinations for Rabies will be given in most cases.

If you are pregnant, thinking of trying for a baby or breast feeding – Vaccines are unlikely to be given if you are pregnant or breastfeeding due to the risk to baby.

If you are travelling for work or for long periods of time – this may affect the vaccinations required. Doctors, nurses and aid workers working abroad for extended periods all need extra vaccinations.

Traveling to countries with high risk health warnings and life -threatening infectious diseases without injections can result in deportation, invalid health insurance, invalid travel insurance, a hefty fine, illness or in the worst cases – Death.

Foreign travel advice.

For foreign travel advice on specific countries or territories you can check the government website (GOV.UK).

Alternatively we are always on hand to offer advice and bookings for most travel vaccinations.
Our dedicated team will be able to tell you what injections you will require and the timeline of appointments needed before travel.