Obesity - big man measuring his belly with a measuring tape on white backgroundObesity is being branded “the new smoking” as it has now become the second biggest cause of cancer.

Posing further risks to health, with deadly diseases such as type two diabetes and heart disease, NHS England have now demanded action should be taken to tackle the growing crisis.

Currently 9% of the NHS annual budget goes towards treating complications caused by obesity. Eating healthy can prevent around 22,800 cases of cancer each year in the UK, slimming down that estimated cost of £6 Billion to our NHS.

63% of Adults in the UK are classed obese, with a further 28% of children between the ages of 2 and 15.

So what cancers can occur from being bulky?

Cancers linked to obesity are –


High levels of oestrogen and insulin, is seen in women who are overweight, these hormones have been linked to breast cancer. 

Colon and rectum

People who are obese are 30% more likely to develop colorectal cancer.

Endometrium (the lining of the uterus or womb)

As with breast cancer, women who are overweight produce extra estrogen increasing the risk of cancer by around 40%.


There are less cases of Gallbladder cancer caused by obesity, people with extra weight can suffer gallstones or may have their gallbladder removed which has been linked to pancreatic cancer.


Obesity is the cause of 24% of Kidney cancers in the UK.


As well as the high levels of cancer risk you are also vulnerable to –


Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a disease in which the blood sugar levels are above normal. This can cause heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, amputation, and blindness if not controlled correctly.

High blood pressure – Hypertension

High blood pressure can lead to problems such as heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure.

Heart disease

A result of hardening and narrowing of  blood vessels in the heart. Suffering from heart disease can result in a heart attack, heart failure, cardiac death, angina, or abnormal heart rhythm.

Ischemic stroke

A blood clot to the brain causing brain cells to die, a result of high blood pressure.

The facts are very clear on weight gain and the more weight you put on the further you increase your chances of being seriously ill.

There is strong evidence that links certain foods with cancer, so if you are concerned about your weight then the first thing you may want to address is what types you are consuming.

For example; processed foods and red meat are known to increase the risk of cancer.

This is due to either the natural chemicals found in meat or the chemical makeup when cooked at high temperatures.

Another example is; salt preserved food such as salted fish, picked vegetables or cured meats which can also heighten the risk of cancer.

Foods which are high in fibre can lower the risk of cancer along with a healthy, daily mix of fruit and veg.

For more information on reducing the risks of cancer through food, download this cancer research guide – Seven ways to cut your cancer risk

obesity - circle of ribbons - cancer research At present the top three cancers caused by obesity are breast, bowel and uterus. Although we have amazing screening programmes offered to us in the UK, the wait between each screening for many, can be far too long.

Currently in the UK, every 3 years cervical and breast screening is offered to women. Bowel scope screening is offered to men of 55, every 2 years.

Private screening can bridge that gap for you.

UK NSC who advise the NHS on screening programmes, also recommend some private screening tests which include bowel, breast and cervical.


If you are worried about your weight or the effects excess weight has had on your body, then seek advice today.

As a member of the Independent Doctors Federation, Dr Wayne Cottrell runs his CQC registered clinic in London’s Canary Wharf.

Offering private screenings for prostate and cervical cancer along with other GP services, vaccinations and sexual health screening.

Be assured of a discreet, completely confidential, professional and high quality service, when you book an appointment with us.

We are a small team and unlike many of the larger clinics in the area where you see a different locum doctor each time ( just like in the NHS), you will almost always see myself or one of my trusted long term doctors that I oversee very closely. With walk in/Same day appointment and a female doctor available every Friday.


If you need private care and advice click here to get in touch.

Our full services include –

  • GP:

Walk in/Same day appointment ( adults/children/)
Female Doctor available every  Friday morning
Wellperson health screening
Contraceptive prescriptions / injections ( not implants )
Pregnancy confirmation blood tests ( results 4-6 hrs)
Urinary tract infections test and treat
Onsite blood tests with same day results ( liver , kidney, cholesterol, sugar, thyroid, prostate )
Cancer screening bloods ( prostate, ovarian, breast, bowel. testes)
Some medication dispensed onsite ( no need to queue at pharmacy)
Ear syringing ( please use drops for a week prior to appt)
Sick notes/Fit to work/Life insurance medicals
Fit to fly/drive/run/cycle letters
Specialist referrals ( same or next day appointments)
Self pay local Xray/USS/MRI and CT ( same or next day appt)
Vit B12 /Hayfever injections
Stitch Removal

  • Sexual Health:

Sexual Health Screening  and advice (same day results possible/also onsite HIV testing with immediate results)
LGBTQIA friendly practice
Pap Smears( female and male)
Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma testing and treatment
Prostatitis diagnosis and treatment
HPV Vaccination ( New 9 valent vaccine , adults and children)
Cryotherapy for Genital warts
HPV testing
PREP consultation ( Dr Cottrell only, please call clinic to book)
Reduced cost Friday afternoon Nurse STI clinic  ( only suitable for asymptomatic STI screening / no examinations will be performed/sample collections only)

  • Travel:

Designated Yellow Fever Centre
Travel vaccinations ( adults and children)
Antimalarials dispensed onsite

  • Children’s Services:

Children’s vaccinations ( Friday afternoon only/ Nurse clinic/please call to book)
Baby weighing/breastfeeding advice ( nurse)
Referrals to Paediatrician ( doctor appointments only)

  • Occupational:

Pre employment screens/Visa/ Driver medicals
Referrals to Occupational health specialists
Wellman/Wellwoman screens
Corporate packages available for vaccinations for staff travel


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