Our lifestyles can be the reason why we are feeling so tired and exhausted all the time, and taking over-the-counter remedies can feel like you’re just papering over the problem rather than addressing it head-on. However, evidence-based lifestyle medical treatment can help you manage and conquer your problems through person-centred techniques and sustainable lifestyle changes. Not only does this treatment reduce your symptoms, but with consistency and monitoring, lifestyle medicine can even reverse your condition.

Do you wish you could do something to reduce your symptoms but don’t know where to start?

How can evidence-based lifestyle medicine help you?

Over the years, I realised that many health problems could be traced back to behaviours and adaptations we may have learned going back as far as our childhood. Knowingly or unknowingly, along the way, we have made choices that could impact our well-being down to a molecular level.

As many as 70% of all medical problems could be prevented and possibly even be reversed by making small and consistent changes.

As many as 90% of the UK population are adding risks to their health and reducing their longevity in ways that could be prevented. With our help, you could gain the understanding required to make the necessary changes to achieve the health and well-being you deserve.

Evidence-based lifestyle medicine to help with Chronic conditions


  • Heart Health (Cardiovascular diseases such as type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, High blood pressure, and High Cholesterol)
  • Weight and related problems such as obesity and joint pain
  • Gut Health such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, constipation and IBD
  • Sleep disorders such as disturbed sleep, and insomnia
  • Brain Health includes mental health such as anxiety, depression and Burn out, as well as reducing the risk of dementia
  • Joint Health which includes chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

As a certified Lifestyle medicine doctor, I am here to provide care centred around your personal needs and current lifestyle pattern.

As a GP, I diagnose and manage chronic illnesses daily, and I have the knowledge and skills to ensure that the underlying causes of your symptoms are not missed.

Lifestyle medicine is a science-backed, evidence-based approach to addressing the six pillars of your lifestyle that might contribute to your lack of well-being.

During our consultations, we will discuss your current lifestyle in detail and form a management plan which you can bring into action over a period of time. Proven techniques are applied to support you in making and sustaining healthy lifestyle changes.

What are the six pillars that contribute to Lifestyle medicine?

Healthy eating

It is important to focus on a well-balanced nutritious diet and address unhealthy habits. Our food intake has a great impact on the gut microbiome and, subsequently, on our overall health.

Physical Activity

Routine exercise not only releases endorphins for that instant feel-good factor, but it also improves your fitness, balance, and strength and increases your confidence.


Improving sleep patterns is essential for your physical and mental functionality during the day. We focus on your sleeping environment, what you consume before bed, and your general activities. Sleep quality and quantity is directly linked to multiple environmental factors, which can be addressed with lifestyle medicine.

Mental wellbeing

Taking time to recenter yourself and relax can improve how you deal with life’s hustle and bustle. For those with anxiety and phobias, we can also look at CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy) teachings to help you get back on track.

Social connection

Healthy social connections are fundamental when maintaining mental well-being. So we would look at how you socialise outside your family and work bubbles, including unhealthy relationships and social patterns such as only socialising over alcohol or substance use.

Substance use

There is no easy way around substance use. No matter how little you use, it will have a negative effect on your physical and mental health. Alcohol, for example, may play a small part in your social life, so we aim to find a healthy balance for you going forward.

A healthier you will also energise you to enjoy time with your family and friends and optimise your career and hobbies.

If you are suffering from chronic health conditions or mental health conditions, lifestyle medicine can help you reduce your symptoms and, in some cases, fully recover.

Lifestyle medicine is not a quick fix, and in some cases, it’s not an easy fix; however, it is a lifestyle fix which can offer you a much healthier way of living, not just for you but the people closest to you. You will see improvements in nearly every aspect of your day-to-day life. You have already made the first step by reading this — I am here to help you take the next steps that bring you closer to a more fulfilling life.

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