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CBT is a positive therapy, even when dealing with difficult and sometimes painful issues the focus is on finding a reassuring way forward

Dr Wayne Cottrell:

CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Life throws a lot at us and sometimes we don’t always feel or react the way we want to. but the truth is you can take back control, when you adopt the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Over a series of relaxed sessions, I can teach you simple ways to ‘think’, that will make you feel happier and more fulfilled at home or in the workplace. You’ve already made the first step.

What to expect

CBT is a positive therapy, even when dealing with difficult and sometimes painful issues the focus is on finding a reassuring way forward. It’s also a talking therapy, with you taking an active part. There’s also homework between sessions, so you can start putting the theory into practice immediately. Together we will find tailored solutions that work for you, so you can go on to apply these new skills and techniques in your daily life.

We’ll start with an initial assessment to shape and plan. Our chats will then be weekly and last 50 minutes, during which time we’ll work towards your achievements and goals, identifying and preventing any relapses along the way.


Anxiety is the feeling of fear, worry, apprehension and dread. This can manifest itself through physical symptoms such as, increased heart rate, hyperventilation, irritability, lack of concentration, insomnia, and muscle tension. It can be very specific, like a Social anxiety where you have a fear of humiliation or embarrassment around people conversation, or through Worry and Renumeration – which is when you are repeatedly bothered by a thought or worry, for example, something bad happening to you or the people you are close to.

Panic disorder is a diagnosis given to someone who has experienced panic attacks for a period of 6 months and describes the fear and constant anxiety about having another one. Symptoms include irregular rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, fear of losing control, feeling that you are going to die and a sense of detachment.

Stress at work

The work environment can be the cause of many complex negative emotions, such as stress where you feel tense, overwhelmed, worn out, exhausted by too much pressure. Left unchecked the long-term effects can be more severe, including anger, mood instability, procrastination, insomnia, and substance abuse.

Perfectionism is another trigger. – the relentless strive for extremely high standards for yourself and others and using that to judge your self-worth. The fall out being the negative consequences of setting such high standards yet continuing to go for them despite the emotional cost to you. CBT (REBT) can address and help you to manage these feelings and also provide you with strategies to reduce your levels of stress and improve your self-esteem by building skills such as Assertiveness and how to deal with criticism and disappointment.

Anger & depression

Anger can be helpful as it motivates us to do something to right an injustice, but it also has consequences which can result in you thinking you have been treated unfairly or disrespected; that others have broken rules and expectations.

A lack of empathy and awareness of the impact your anger has on others. Aggressive body posture, attacking and arguing, hitting out, shouting Negative effects on your wellbeing, including shaking, sweating, stomach churning, heart racing, red-face.



Negative thinking is usually a prominent part of depression: the depressed person thinks negatively about their ongoing experiences and future. The content of these negative thoughts tends to centre on the theme of loss and failure to achieve.

Motivational. Apathy, loss of energy and interest.
Behavioural. Decreased activity, reduced coping, social skills deficits?
Cognitive. Negative thinking, indecisiveness, poor concentration.
Biological. Sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, decreased sexual interest.

If you recognise any of these feelings, be assured that CBT/REBT is a professionally recognised treatment with strong evidence base results reviewed by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellent (NICE).

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