A new campaign has hit the streets of London with a strong, committed message of solidarity in the LGBT+ black and asian community.

The campaign created by sexual health charity GMFA (Gay Men Fighting AIDS), encourages our black and minority ethnic gay and bisexual men, also known as BAME to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

Hitting South London Hard. 

Campaign posters can be seen in Brixton, Streatham, Kennington and Waterloo and is set to continue a further 3 months.

Named ‘Me. Him. Us.’ campaign, this representation of black, Asian and other ethnic minority men which has so far been lacking in the gay communities, is set to change our social ways.

Statistics show, black and ethnic minority gay and bisexual men are more likely to be diagnosed with HIV.

It is very important that more frequent testing is done in the LGBTQIA community including those of the BAME community.

We support the BAME gay community and welcome you in for testing.