Navigating Sexual Health Services in London Over the Christmas Period

The festive season in London, with its dazzling lights, cheerful carols, and the promise of snow, often comes with the hustle and bustle of holidays and an altered schedule for many services. Among these, our services see a shift in operational timings, which can be crucial for many individuals.

Sexual health services in London over Christmas, here’s what you need to know:

Holiday Adjustments


Many clinics across London will have modified working hours during the festive season. It’s advisable to check with individual clinics beforehand or browse their websites for any announcements related to holiday schedules.

Dr. Wayne Cottrell & Co. Clinic Schedule


We prioritise our patient’s health and well-being at the esteemed Dr. Wayne Cottrell & Co Clinic. However, our clinic will be closed over Christmas for in-clinic consultations to give our staff a well-deserved break. The last clinic day for 2023 will be Friday 22nd of Dec and we will reopen on the Tuesday 2nd of Jan 2024.

We understand the importance of accessibility to healthcare, especially during such times. Thus, we will still be offering email consultations and postal STI kits if needed and the option of having bloods done directly at our lab, for those who require assistance.

Do note that these online sessions will be available only during specific times and might be limited due to the holiday schedule.
Online Resources and Support

Outside of direct consultations, numerous online resources offer advice on sexual health matters. While they can’t replace a face-to-face consultation with a healthcare professional, they can provide preliminary information and guidance.

You’ll find most answers within our blog section. These include Q&As on most sexual health issues.

Emergencies over Christmas


If you find yourself in an emergency related to sexual health, it’s crucial to seek immediate medical attention. London is home to several hospitals that operate 24/7, ensuring that residents and visitors can access urgent care when needed.

While the festive season brings joy and celebration, it’s essential to stay informed and prepared regarding healthcare services, especially those as vital as sexual health. At Dr. Wayne Cottrell & Co., we are committed to supporting you, even during holiday adjustments.


We wish you a safe, healthy, and merry festive season in London!