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London has witnessed a significant increase in HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) due to the rising popularity of chemsex. Chemsex involves engaging in sexual activities while under the influence of drugs like methamphetamine, mephedrone, GHB, GBL, cocaine, and ketamine, which lower inhibitions and increase the likelihood of unprotected sex. Public health officials and sexual health clinics across the city have expressed deep concerns as this trend is not only contributing to a surge in HIV and STI cases but also exacerbating mental health issues among participants. To combat this, several initiatives have been launched in London to raise awareness about the risks associated with chemsex and to promote safe sex practices. Sexual health clinics are offering judgment-free testing and treatment services, and support groups are providing necessary assistance to those affected. Despite these efforts, the challenges posed by the chemsex culture remain significant and require a comprehensive approach that addresses the issue from multiple angles, including mental health support, addiction services, and sexual health education.

Chemsex causes an increase of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections

Chemsex is a new phenomenon across the whole of Europe that is causing concern to sexual health doctors here in the UK. 

It is thought to be associated with higher rates of new diagnoses of HIV, Hepatitis C, and other sexually transmitted infections.

New reports show you are five times more likely to be diagnosed with HIV than those who have not participated in chemsex.

What is Chemsex?

Chemsex is a term used to describe someone who has sex while under the influence of drugs.

Normally associated with the use of crystallised methamphetamine, mephedrone, γ-hydroxybutyrate or γ-butyrolactone, cocaine and ketamine drugs.

These chemicals cause inhibitions to get lowered and people are more prone to having unprotected sex.

This has heightened fears of higher levels of HIV and other STI’s and is also causing concerns regarding the effect on young men with mental health issues.

Support for users or victims of Chemsex

There are many support groups for people who choose to either participate or are victimized by the use of drugs while performing sex acts. 

Many people who have experienced chemsex do so on their own terms. However, even with consent, we urge you to be tested and treated after each experience.

We fully understand your liberty to enjoy your life how you choose to and offer a judgement-free clinic to be tested and treated here in London.

We have over 16 year of experience providing a completely confidential and professional sexual health screening service.

If you are not sure if you have been at risk, then we offer a consultation to discuss the possible risks and whether screening would be appropriate.

If you prefer more privacy this can be done over the phone or email.

Just go to the website and book a remote under the online STI testing button. We also offer completely confidential online STI testing