As NHS STI clinics across London struggle to keep up with the high demands due to budget cuts, a bigger demand for self testing kits (also known as e-STI testing) have proved to be a relief to a burgeoning NHS.

It is said that an average of 1,500 people are fighting to reserve just 300 appointments per day in London’s STI clinics.
Gaining appointments within 48 hours has become unfeasible in NHS . With a 2% rise in diagnosed STI’s throughout London along with recent media superbug scares, seeing a private sexual health doctor or doing home testing is going through an upward swing.

A simple e-STI test

Our home e-STI testing kits are sent out discreetly to your home address. The relevant equipment is provided along with a form and a prepaid envelope to send your test back.
Your details do not appear on any return envelopes, keeping it completely confidential.

Within a few days you will have the results of your test via your preferred contact method
If you have an infection you will be advised on what treatment is required and we can provide this or refer you on in the case of more serious infections such as HIV and Hepatitis

No more stigma

With the simplicity and discretion of e-STI testing, larger numbers of young adults are using the service and people who find this sort of thing embarrassing, feel more comfortable to get tested this way.

Many people who have been infected by an STI have done so unknowingly and this is a great cost-effective way to do regular routine screening. We do not recommend online testing if you have symptoms as we would recommend you see a doctor if you do.

If your results are positive, you will be invited in for treatment and given the support you need.

Here at our London based GP practice, we not only offer online testing, but we provide a free follow up call or face to face appointment should you choose to have one, or if you require treatment ( there is a charge for treatment dispensed onsite)

Get your online test from us today or book a bespoke and completely confidential face to face consultation.

Get treated then get on with your life.