Clinics across London are overrun and under-staffed leaving patients waiting hours for pre-booked appointments or even being turned away.

As we have reported in recent articles London is seeing high rates of STI’s after the Christmas period and leading up to Valentine’s Day. The epidemic has put a massive strain on clinics leaving some forced into closure.

With the added pressure of recent cuts to the local public health budget, we strongly recommend that if you cannot be seen by a local doctor then online testing will ease the congestion and remain a quicker alternative to being placed on a waiting list.
The emotional impact of having an STI or even the worry of not knowing can be overwhelming and is a massive strain on anyone concerned, also taking time off work to attend appointments with no clue how long you may have to wait can cause stress at work.
Buying an online test kit is quick, easy and confidential. The kit arrives in a plain envelope with a returns label to send it back for testing discreetly.
Your test results will be ready within a matter of days and you will be contacted by either text or call.
If an STI is detected then you can simply pick up a prescription, or, if the tests show anything requiring a GP visit you will have a priority appointment booked for you.
This saves any stress with waiting on appointments, booking time off work or worse case – being told to wait weeks to be seen which can be very damaging to your health.

How does online testing work?

There are a varied number of tests, which include; blood screening, chlamydia and gonorrhea testing, female vaginal swab, and male urine screening.
Once ordered the test will be dispatched for next day delivery, depending on the day of the week.
Your test will arrive in a plain envelope, so no need to worry if you live in shared accommodation.
Your kit will contain everything you need including clear instructions on use.
Once you have performed the test you can return it using the freepost envelope.
Your results will be ready within 7 days.

If you have cause to seek medication then you will be invited into the local clinic or you can book in with your GP for the necessary prescription.

Check for appointment availability.

Or alternatively order your online test today