Lets face it condoms have never been a popular choice, despite the obvious health benefits and the countless lives saved by them. The Gates foundation wanted to help spur on new designs, that might be able to change peoples perspective when it came to using them and made “t

he next generation condom that significantly preserves or enhances pleasure ” one of their Grand Challenges in Global Health”. This is a research initiative to find solutions to 15 global health problems.

A pair of PHD students of Georgia Tech University, took on the challenge and have created what they call ” The Electric Eel”, which is basically a condom that sends electric impulses through the material to create pleasurable sensations. There are 2 prototypes so far and the pair are looking for fund their research through crowd sourcing. If you contribute to the project they are offering a handmade bespoke version for $350.

I am not sure that they will “stun” the world with this design, especially with a name such as “The Electrifying Eel”, but maybe it will inspire others to think laterally when it comes to redesigning the prophylactic, hopefully making people more likely to wear them, which considering its importance and life saving properties, can only be a good thing.