My private GP service offers Gonorrhoea testing at my Canary Wharf clinic. We offer a friendly, non- judgmental environment for Gonorrhoea testing from 1 week after contact. It’s true that young adults are most at risk from catching

the infection, but anyone exposed to the disease can catch it.

First discovered in the 19th century, even today new strains are emerging which are resistant to current antibiotics but thankfully the common forms can be managed with antibiotics.

It can be caught through oral, anal or vaginal sex and is caused by bacteria: Neisseria Gonorrhoea. Symptoms differ depending on where you get the infection which can be located in the cervix, urethra, rectum, anus or throat and men and women have different symptoms. However some people will be asymptomatic and suffer no symptoms. This is particularly true for anal and oral gonorrhoea. It’s for that reason that those with a sexually active lifestyle may prefer to be tested on a regular basis.

All staff at my clinic appreciate we’d all rather go through life without having to be tested for an STD, gonorrhoea included. I take an empathic approach to consultations and testing, making every effort to make patients feel as comfortable as possible. I know you’d rather not be here, but testing is important both for your sake and your partner’s.

It’s not possible to self-diagnose gonorrhea. Men may experience a white, yellow or thick green penile discharge or painful urination. Women are more likely to be asymptomatic but may also suffer from discharge or painful urination. Rather than worry at home, only an up to date test will confirm what you suspect. This is true whether you have symptoms for not.

Testing is straightforward but we do recommend partner screening. For men a urine test is usually sufficient. If there is a discharge present we also take a swab so we know which antibiotics to use. For women a vaginal swab is the most accurate test, preferable to urine testing although we can do it if you have an aversion to an intimate exam.

Similarly for throat and or rectal infections a swab test is used.

Treatment for gonorrhoea is now by injection and as recommended by BASHH we also treat for chlamydia at the same time.