Because of our late spring this year, the UK is set to see its highest pollen counts in over 5 decades this June.

Professor Roy Kennedy, a leading hay fever expert, predicted a pollen surge as the late spring causes a delay in the release of tree pollen, which means it will coincide with the typical grass pollen release, causing a double whammy of pollen release.

This is bad news for the 16 million hay fever sufferers in the UK. Although there are many over the counter products available these have limited efficacy.

However there is hope for patients. Recently a new product has been launched that contains an antihistamine and a steroid, combined in a nasal spray, that is supposed to work faster and for longer than over the counter products. You will need to see a GP for a prescription.

There is also an injection containing a steroid. This can be very effective in combatting hayfever symptoms and the effect can last through the hayfever season. It is available in private clinics.