In 2016, there were approximately 420,000 diagnoses of sexually transmitted infections which is actually an impressive 4% down from the previous year. Although 4% doesn’t seem that large, it is in fact 16,800 less people suffering from some sort of STI.

So why has 2017 seen a increase and what can we put that down to?

Actually looking at the records London is the only city to have a 2% increase in reported STI’s and with nearly half (47%) of all recorded HIV diagnoses last year in England.

However statistics also show that instead of an increase of sexually transmitted disease, there has actually been a rise in people visiting the doctors and getting regular checks.
Meaning the cases of STI’s and STD’s remain the same however more people are stepping forward in search of treatments.

So what does this mean?

It is believed that thousands of people carry undiagnosed and untreated STI’s. Clearly those numbers are coming down. As a country we are becoming more health conscious, more aware of our sexual health and the partners we choose.

The prediction for the up and coming years will be a drop in STI’s dramatically. A rise in contraception and protection products and cleaner sexual health.

Not out of the woods yet.

Although this is good news, we have in the past seen small increases and decreases in the numbers of reported STI’s.

It is always best to not risk gaining a STI on the belief your next sexual partner is “clean”. We highly advice you join the 4% from last year and get regular check-ups and practice safe sex!