Family doctor consulting with a mother and child

How many of us still have the same doctor? Are we a generation losing out on a basic level of care?

In 2014 our government promised to provide the over 75’s with a named doctor. Within 2 years everyone would be seen by the same doctor. Lavish promises of surgeries opening for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week seemed to be the tonic that overstretched Accident and Emergency rooms needed.

However, these grand schemes never really took off. The massive budget cuts to the NHS, are proving a burden to us all.

The University of Exeter and the University of Manchester have provided new studies. These show the importance of consistency in the doctor patient relationship.

Data gathered by 22 independent studies showed lack of continuity in care had a link to premature death.

Reductions in mortality appeared when an increase of continuity care was available. Proving the importance of a good, prolonged relationship with health care professionals and patients is essential.

A call for further studies solely based in the UK, would bring us a better understanding of the importance of good doctor-patient relationships.

It’s also easy to understand the importance, when you look into the rises of mental health issues, STI’s and premature death.
Mutual trust and respect seen in a long term relationships, between patient and doctor gives each party a sense of commitment and care.
Entrusting your health problems with someone you may have known from childhood, is clearly a fundamental element to a healthy life.

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