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These sexually transmitted viruses can cause liver damage

Dr Wayne Cottrell:



  • Viral infection contracted from contaminated water or food
  • Can also be passed on through sexual contact such as rimming (oral-anal contact)
  • It causes inflammation of the liver resulting in an acute, debilitating illness that can last for several weeks
  • Once recovered there are usually no long-term effects
  • You developed lifelong immunity post infection
  • There is a Hepatitis A vaccine and we recommended for all men who have sex with men (MSM), travellers and workers in food preparation


  • Incubation period 15- 45 days
  • Flu like illness, tiredness, joint pains, right upper abdominal pain, followed by jaundice, nausea and extreme fatigue
  • The symptoms can last up to 3 months and can be very debilitating
  • Most children, and about 50% of adults, will have no symptoms



  • A more serious viral infection can be sexually transmitted or through contact with bodily fluids and blood of an infected person
  • Can be passed from mother to newborn during delivery
  • Can cause chronic infection with liver scarring (fibrosis), cirrhosis, liver failure and sometimes liver cancer


  • Usually asymptomatic (the silent disease)
  • Flu-like symptoms (fever fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea) is possible
  • The acute infection lasts less than six months and most people clear the acute infection spontaneously
  • Others will develop a chronic infection (diagnosed after 6 months)
  • The younger you are at the time of first exposure, the more likely you are to develop a chronic infection


  • A viral blood borne disease, passed on through contact with infected blood
  • Can also be sexually transmitted, typically unprotected or traumatic sex (more common in MSM populations)
  • Causes either acute or chronic infection
  • Chronic infection leads to scarring (fibrosis) of the liver, cirrhosis, liver failure and or liver cancer


  • None or very mild symptoms after initial infection
  • Some people will clear the acute infection spontaneously after a few months
  • Usually takes decades to develop the complications and effects of liver scarring
  • No immunity develops after infection, so it is possible to get reinfected with the same or a different strain
  • Those who do not clear the virus develop a chronic infection
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