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Molluscum in adults is usually sexually transmitted

Dr Wayne Cottrell:


  • It is a highly infectious viral infection, very common in children
  • In adults, it is considered an STI, as it’s passed through sexual contact
  • Can also be passed on through sharing towels/clothes
  • Its related to the virus that causes genital warts
  • Causes small, clear blisters, with a dimple in the middle
  • Will clear up on its own within 6-18 months
  • Cryotherapy is the preferred treatment option


  • Passed on through skin-to-skin contact, sexual contact
  • Also passed on through sharing of bed linen, towels and during close contact with family members
  • The main symptom is itching that starts about a week after contact
  • Usually starts about a week after the contact
  • Treatment is with medicated shampoo
  • Wash all clothes and bed linen at a very high temperature


  • Highly infectious parasitic infection transmitted through sexual and normal skin-to-skin contact
  • Causes Intense, all-over body itching
  • Usually starts 2-6 weeks post contact
  • Itchy rash with inflamed spots
  • Treatment is with medicated shampoo
  • Wash all clothes and linen at a very high temperature
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