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Suffering with impulse control and attention deficit?

We offer a simple test that can assist in diagnosis

Dr Wayne Cottrell:


  • Canary Wharf and the City is a very competitive environment and having a competitive edge is helpful in the current environment
  • We regularly see patients who suffer with impulsivity, distractibility and attention disorders, which in turn affect their work performance
  • We also see patients who exhibit self-destructive patterns or behaviours such as sexual risk taking, due to impulse disorders
  • We have therefore teamed up with FOCUS Attention to try and help and identify our patients who might have attentional control issues
  • Attentional control is the ability to remain focused on goal-relevant stimuli and information, in the presence of potentially interfering distractions

What is FOCUS?

  • It’s a computerised, norm-referenced measurement of constructs of attentional control (Consistency, Performance, Impulsivity, and Distractions, auditory and visual)
  • FOCUS has been administered more than 15 000 times and it has been standardised and validated twice since 2015
  • The Assessment has strong psychometric properties that meet and even exceed the standards for educational assessments
  • The test is suitable for adults and children and whilst not a diagnostic tool, it helps contribute to the diagnosis of attention issues and helps monitor progress whilst on treatment
  • The test is done in clinic or at home on your computer and only takes about 20 minutes to complete

The constructs

  1. Consistency means that one’s standard of work does not vary in quality over a certain period of time. It is a positive building block that we want to develop. Therefore: the higher the score, the better.
  2. Performance is the accomplishment of a given task measured against pre-set standards and speed. It is also considered to be a positive building block. Therefore: the higher the score, the better.
  3. Impulsivity involves a tendency to act suddenly and without careful thought, reflection or consideration of the consequences. This is a negative construct, thus the lower the score, the better.
  4. Distraction assesses the participant’s ability to stay focused on a specific task while filtering unnecessary stimuli. FOCUS assesses one’s ability to filter both auditory and visual distractions. This is also considered a negative construct.

What can FOCUS do for you?

  • Get a detailed, objective look at your cognitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Get an objective report and insight into what might be driving work or personal problems, including self destructive behaviours
  • Get answers that allow you to make informed decisions regarding interventions or treatments

The test takes only 20 minutes to complete. It might be the best 20 minutes you spend today.

Dr Wayne Cottrell will be back in the clinic from 18 October and the clinic will be open every weekday from that date

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