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Sex is a lot of fun, but it does carry some risks

We are here to help you mitigate those risks

Dr Wayne Cottrell:

  • Regular STI screening is vital as many STIs have no symptoms, and infections can easily be missed
  • Diagnosing and treating an STI early on is easier, and it means you are less likely to pass it on
  • Being honest about your sexual history with new partners will help build trust and keep both partners safe
  • Always screen for STIs before starting a new sexual relationship
  • Know your limits when it comes to alcohol and drugs, as they can impair inhibitions and increase sexual risk-taking
  • Speak to your doctor about any new symptoms


  • Still, the easiest and most effective way to protect yourself against a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and unwanted pregnancy
  • Remember to use lots of water-based lubricants (oil based lubricants will damage latex condoms)
  • Provided the condom is put on correctly, stays on throughout the sex, and doesn’t break, it should protect you against HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhoea,mycoplasma and chlamydia
  • Condoms do not give complete protection against STI’s such as Herpes or genital warts
  • Remember that STI’s also transmit through oral sex, so condoms won’t protect you


  • A barrier protection method for oral-vaginal or oral-anal sex (rimming)

PREP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis)

  • An extremely effective way to protect against HIV infection
  • It involves taking one of the drugs we use to treat HIV on a daily or as-needed basis
  • It is very effective in protecting against HIV infection
  • I recommend PREP to all my sexually active patients
  • Remember that PREP doesn’t protect you against other STI’s


  • If you have had a potential high-risk exposure for HIV, ask for PEP
  • PEP needs to be started as soon as possible after the event and no later than 72 hours
  • If you think you have been exposed, please see a doctor immediately, either at your local GUM clinic or A&E over weekends
  • We are able to source a starter pack of PEP if needed for same-day delivery to the preferred address (weekdays only)
  • This will give you enough medication for a week to allow you time to attend an NHS sexual health clinic

Preventative Vaccines

Hepatitis A vaccination:

  • Prevents infection with Hepatitis A virus
  • Passed on through certain types of sexual activities involving the feco-oral route (rimming)
  • Recommended for all MSM patients

Hepatitis B vaccination:

  • Prevents infection with Hepatitis B virus
  • Hep B can be sexually transmitted
  • It affects the liver and can cause liver scarring (fibrosis) and cirrhosis, leading to liver failure or liver cancer
  • Recommended for all MSM or anyone with an increased risk of blood exposure, such as healthcare workers, sex workers, etc

HPV vaccination:

  • A preventative vaccine against the 9 most common types of HPV
  • HPV causes genital warts and certain cancers (cervical, anal, throat, penile, vaginal)
  • It is licensed as a preventative vaccine for all patients up to the age of 45, but I recommend it to all my sexually active patients
  • There is some evidence that it also helps patients who already have HPV infection

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