Stay Safe This Festive Season: Your Guide to Avoiding STIs at Office Parties

The festive season is here, with office parties in full swing and Santa on his way! But amidst the excitement, it’s crucial to stay vigilant about sexual health. Surprisingly, 1 in 10 people are at risk of contracting an STI during the festive season, often from office Christmas parties. Are you prepared to celebrate safely?

Understanding the Risks:

Studies indicate a significant rise in STIs from December 1st, coinciding with increased alcohol consumption and numerous social gatherings. The correlation between festive parties and a spike in STIs underscores the importance of practicing safe sex.

Key Tips for a Safe Festive Season:

Preparation is Essential: Regardless of your intentions, carrying protection like condoms is wise. They are the only effective method to prevent STIs and unplanned pregnancies.

Drink Responsibly: It’s not a competition. Drinking slowly and staying hydrated with water can help you maintain control.

Be a Responsible Friend: Keep an eye on friends, especially if they’re drinking excessively. Ensure everyone is safe and making informed decisions.

Be Cautious with Unfamiliar Drinks: Stick to drinks you know to avoid unexpected reactions.

Consent is Key: Remember, if someone is incapacitated by alcohol or drugs, they cannot give consent. Stay aware and respectful.

Eat Well: Eating helps in absorbing alcohol and keeping a clear mind.

Plan Your Journey Home: Decide in advance how and when you’ll return home. Avoid unnecessary detours to unsafe locations.

Post-Party Actions:

If you suspect you might have contracted an STI, it’s crucial to consult your GP. London, particularly, has seen an increase in Gonorrhoea cases. Many people with this STI do not show symptoms, making self-diagnosis challenging.

Remember: If you’ve engaged in unprotected sex, getting tested is the best course of action. Most tests are effective 2 weeks after the potential exposure.

While enjoying the holiday season, remember to prioritize your safety. With heightened crime rates, including sexual assaults and violence, it’s more important than ever to protect yourself and others. Celebrate responsibly and ensure a joyous and safe festive period.