Ureaplasma urealyticum and mycoplasma genitalium are infections that are not classified as STI’s however they are contracted in the same way.

Often misdiagnosed due to the symptoms, or sometimes lack of them, this bacterial infection can cause problems with fertility, premature or stillbirth, meningitis, pneumonia and chorioamnionitis. If left untreated it can also spread to other parts of the body causing damage to the nerves, muscles and joints.

Cystitis symptoms

The symptoms are very much like cystitis and other UTI’s. Redness and inflammation, pain or burning while urinating, unusual discharge and frequent urination are symptoms both found in men and women suffering from Ureaplasma.

It is very important to get regular checkups as not every case shows these symptoms.

Highly contagious

70% of sexually active men and women contract this bacterial infection in their lifetime, through contact with saliva, blood, air and needles. As Ureaplasma is highly contagious and difficult to diagnose the safest way to avoid getting into this perilous situation is prevention.

The safest way to protect yourself or sexual partner is to use a condom, avoid sharing sex toys and minimize your sexual encounters.

It is also highly advised to get a STI screening regularly, as these health problems can be extremely damaging yet easily avoided.