Holiday - holiday makers at the airport


Paying extortionate rates, planning the well deserved holiday and taking time off work all for the love of that sun, sea and sand, but many people don’t plan for illness so here’s some top travel tips on how to avoid getting sick on holiday and what to do if you are!

1.Most importantly – Get your Jabs

Most people traveling around the EU will not need any immunisation, however misconceptions of what you need and why you need them leave many people at risk of diseases and illnesses that can grind your holiday to a halt.

Ideally visit your doctor to check what you need and when you need it at least 8 weeks before travel. Make sure you cover the whole family, babies may need something to travel even if you don’t!

Keep well organized too, the chances are if you need travel vaccinations then you will need to take them over a period of time. Keep a diary of injections past and any upcoming so you know if you and your family members are kept up to date.

Don’t think you’ll be fine

People booking cruises or stopping off while travelling through different countries sometimes believe they won’t need vaccinations, this is not the case. Plan your travel well and make sure you are vaccinated for all destinations.
Anyone who has a low immunity should also consider protecting themselves for flu, pneumonia and hepatitis A as while in transit you may be in close quarters to passengers carrying these illnesses.

2. Packing prescription meds

Always make sure you have enough of your prescribed medication when you travel.
It is also very important to ensure any medication you take is legal in the country you are visiting.

You must carry a letter from your doctor with your’s or your child’s prescription including the amount you have to take. This may not be needed for some areas, however, having written confirmation from your doctor should prevent most issues you may come across while travelling.

Never take medication without its original packing making sure it is clearly labelled and identifiable as legally prescribed medication.

3. Protection against the wild

Some far out countries have some far out animals which can carry some horrible illnesses.

Dogs, cats, monkeys and bats can all carry viruses such as Rabies.
Ticks, which are found in Europe and north America can carry unusual illnesses including Lymes disease. Get protected and avoid walking through long grassy areas.

Mosquitoes as tiny as they are can carry a number of illnesses such as Zika virus, yellow fever and malaria. You vaccinations should protect you against most of these illnesses however, prevent getting bitten by taking repellents and appropriate clothing.

4. Be careful what you ingest

We have all heard of Deli belly, but it’s not just the food you are consuming. Keep hydrated and don’t over do your alcohol intake.

If your eating out, be aware of the surroundings you are in, maybe even check reviews on restaurants and bars.

Wash your hands on a regular basis and always take water from a sealed bottle.

Basic hygiene while travelling can save you from painful stomach bugs or at worse a hospital visit that can be costly and ruin your holiday.

Top holiday packs to save your skin

  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Alcohol hand gel
  • Paracetamol
  • Imodium (anti diarrhoea tablets)
  • Antiseptic solution
  • Water-purification tablets (if necessary)

Any required prescription medications (In its original packaging and with a cover letter from your GP)

For more information on travel vaccinations or to book yours today click here.