Take hold of your health - Positive family preparing lunch together in the kitchen

January is a great time to boost your health. Thousands of us each year will take on a challenge. Whether that be dry January, Veganuary or just investing in a gym membership.
Whatever it is this year, what better way to start than knowing where you stand, with a full health check!

Many people will have over-indulged during the festive season, impacting on your health and your waistline. In fact, both heart attacks and strokes tend to peak at this time of year due to overindulging AND Christmas stress. More reason to take hold of your health!

Taking the time to really grasp your current health status and address any issues you have before starting your new year’s resolutions can really give you that drive to achieve your goals.

As well as being able to test your blood pressure, cholesterol, and BMI we can also perform an examination for signs of breast, genital and prostate cancer.

Health checks – Maybe you have a family history of cancer and you just want it off your mind?

As well as a full health check, which includes cancer screening, we also provide genetic testing.

Genetic testing gives you some understanding of your risk of cancer and heart defects. This knowledge and understanding can help you achieve a healthier and more controlled lifestyle.

Our cardiac screening also provides peace of mind to those who have decided to hit the gym a little harder this January.

What are the benefits of a full health check and genetic screening?

There are many benefits you gain from getting ahead of any potential conditions, here are just a few –

  • Detect, prevent, protect
    Finding something early can help, even if it’s just identifying potential risks can help us both prevent illness and protect your future health.
  • Plan with confidence
    Knowing you’re in the right hands and your health is under control can give you the freedom to plan life events without the worry of falling ill.
  • Tailor your lifestyle
    This information can help you make the right choices for you, help you avoid triggers, and encourage you to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Family matters
    Not only can you prevent your family from worrying about your health, but you can also help them understand their own. A hereditary condition may have gone unnoticed, taking a genetic test can also help protect your family in the future.
  • Time
    If you receive an outcome you weren’t expecting, it’s still better knowing. The earlier the better, giving you time to seek the right information and the ability to gain the right care.
  • Ensure you’re not overpaying on your insurance
    Many people don’t consider it, but knowing your health status can help reduce your life insurance. Especially if you are over the age of 40!

If you want to know more about our health checks or our genetic testing service, simply get in touch today. We have a team of specialists that can answer any of your inquiries on 0203 197 9100