New research Published in the journal Hepatology this March has concluded that the risk of picking up Hepatitis C from an infected partner in a monogamous heterosexual relationship, is extremely low. We know that hepatitis C is primarily spread through contact with infected blood, typically IV drug use. But there has been conflicting evidence when it comes to the sexual transmission in heterosexuals.

In this recent study they conducted they recruited 500 Hepatitis C positive individuals, who had no other comorbidities such as HIV and were in monogamous, long-term relationships. The risk of contracting HCV from an infected partner was around 0.07% or 1 in 190000 sexual contacts based on 8377 person years follow up. They concluded that the risk is so small that these couples did not have to change their sexual practices.

We do know that sexual transmission of HCV in homosexual men, especially those co infected with HIV is a much bigger risk.