Scientists at the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting, recently reported that there is a disconnect between public health messages promoting STI testing as a prevention tool and conversations between couples in the bedroom.

Researchers questioned 186 men and women with an average age of 26, about how conversations about STI’s might influence their behaviour and decision making process when it comes to sex. The sample included a wide cross section, including some highly educated people.
More than half of the people questioned were in a monogamous relationship and most respondents were white, and heterosexual.

Around half of the people questioned, admitted that they would have unprotected sex, regardless of whether they have had a discussion about STI’s ( sexually transmitted infections). Even more worryingly, many of the participants rarely or ever got tested for STI’s

I don’t think this would surprise any of us, as it is an such an awkward conversation to have, especially if you have just recently hooked up with someone new. However it is an important discussion to have nevertheless. It is vital to talk about your sexual history before you hooked up with your current partner and to go for appropriate STI testing before considering having sex without condoms.

A slightly awkward conversation in the beginning of the relationship can really save you a much more awkward one later and it might just save your life.

Keep safe, get tested, get talking!