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Our busy lives are having an affect on our health, with over 15 million people each year missing doctors appointments.

Recent studies how found that the top two reasons for not showing up, are illness or forgetfulness.

With this huge strain on the NHS and private clinics, many surgeries have started to issue fines for people who either cancel too late or do not turn up to their appointment.

Here at our surgery in Canary Wharf, we understand how busy life can be, we also know that sometimes you just want peace of mind without the disruption to your daily life.

So it is with our pleasure, we are able to extend our GP services, making it more convenient for you to access healthcare.

We now offer video consultations, giving you the chance for a face to face video appointment with your chosen doctor.

With 3 simple steps –


Image showing the three steps of booking


You don’t have to download any app, you just need a email address that you have access to.

We will send you a confirmation email with your video booking link. Simply follow instructions in the email and that’s it!

Need a follow up appointment?. We can also get you booked in, then and there.

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We also offer online STI testing, this gives our patients the ability to get tested before they commit to a face to face appointment.

If you want more information on our additional services please click here, alternatively book your online video consultancy here.